Our famous milk chocolate covers the perfect salty pretzel to create an unforgettable treat.

Decadent European truffles are our signature confection. They will simply melt in your mouth.

Milk, dark, or white chocolate coats a simple yet classic graham cracker to satisfy your craving.

Planning a party? Try this perfect platter which combines our pretzels and truffles.

Lots of guests coming? Order this huge platter of pretzels, truffles, and assorted chocolates.

Milk, dark, and white chocolate coat salty pretzels for an unforgettable party platter.

Tiny little sweet non-pariels cover drops of our amazing milk and dark chocolate.

Succulent Maraschino cherry cordials bathed in luxurious milk and dark chocolate.

Our brittle is rich, crunchy and loaded with fresh roasted peanuts.

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